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  1. 6.3 off
    ‎Raw Mango  ( कच्चा आम)
  2. 14.3 off
     Red Cabbage (लाल पत्ता गोभी)
  3. 33.3 off
    Long  Brinjal  ( लंबा बैगन)
  4. 28.3 off
    Combo 99/-

    Combo 99/- (Unit)

    500G आलू नया सागर🥔 500G सफेद प्याज🧅 500G टमाटर🍅 250G हरी मैथी☘️ 100G लहसुन🧄 500G हरे मटर🍡 2
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  5. 6.5 off
    Potato + Onion  Combo

    Potato + Onion Combo (Unit)

    2.5Kg Potato 2.5Kg Onion
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  6. 25.0 off
    white Onion (सफेद प्याज)
  7. 25.0 off
    Jackfruit (कटहल छीला)
  8. 22.2 off
    Lal Achar Mirch (लाल अचार मिर्ची)
  9. 25.0 off
    Gol Gourd (गोल लौकी )
  10. Red Radish ( लाल मूली) (Unit)

    Radish is known to control damage to our red blood cells, and in the process also increases oxygen supply to the blood. If you eat it as part of your daily salad intake, without going overboard of co
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  11. 33.3 off
    Soya Bhaji (सोया चंक्स भाजी)

    Soya Bhaji (सोया चंक्स भाजी) (Unit)

    Dill Leaves Exhibit Antioxidant Property: Antioxidants are the substances that help in removing the potentially harmful substances called “free radicals” from our body. Dill Leaves Maintain Bone
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  12. 100.0 off
    1KG आलू नया Free On 399  Order

    1KG आलू नया Free On 399 Order (Unit)

    This product is part of our daily scheme.Its free with your 349 total fruits and Vegetable order MRP. Not include Grocery items.
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  13. 10.0 off
    Chilla Garlic (छीला लहसुन)
  14. 7.7 off
    Red Chilly (लाल मिर्च)

    Red Chilly (लाल मिर्च) (1 KG)

    Red chillies are nothing but aged green chillies, which turned red and dried up with time. They lose most of their water content and worse, a major chunk of nutrients as well. Red chillies are usuall
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  15. 35.7 off
    Green chane (हरे छीला बूट) 250G